Economic Uncertainty? You Can Thank Mitt Romney and Republicans

Robert Reich says Mitt Romney offers a question-mark when it comes to his plans for the economy. We’ve heard Romney and Republicans say that businesses are uncertain because of Obama’s big government agenda, but Reich posits that it is Romney who is offering uncertainty. Whether it’s his promise to repeal Obamacare (with no details on what he would replace it with) or his $5 trillion tax cut (with no details on which loopholes he will eliminate), Romney comes up short on specifics.

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Federal Deficit: Did Someone Forget How Budgets Work? — It’s Spending AND Revenue

I know there is a line of thinking out there that posits once a president takes office, everything that happens within the federal government is under his control. This line of thinking was no less false when Bush was president then it is now when Obama is president. It’s not about blame, it’s about facts, and when it comes to the federal budget, and more specifically the year-after-year trillion-dollar plus deficits, it seems people need a few lessons.

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Who Would Britain Vote For?

Here in Europe we simply do not understand how the race for the White House between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is so close. Our media portrays Barack Obama as a solid statesman who faces opponents which are nothing more than out of touch, anti-abortionist, religious extremist fools, who are lead by a man who has spent his career hoarding gold bullion in case the system of paper money collapses.

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