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Are you liberal or progressive? Do you have something to say about the state of politics and government? Do you want to make an emotional appeal on important social issues? We are looking for writers with unique perspectives to increase diversity and grow The Left Call audience. In turn you can link back to your own website to help grow your audience.

After reading the guidelines below, please use this form to apply for guest blogger access.



  • At least 300 words; 500 to 600 words is preferable.
  • Original content. Please submit only original content to The Left Call.
  • Current events. Topical material is preferred. However, anything that fits within the existing topics you see on The Left Call is acceptable. Please see the Categories page above.


  • A platform to voice your concerns and thoughts in the world of politics and social issues.
  • Include a “bio” in your user profile and it will show up under each of your posts. You can include an avatar/profile picture as well.
  • Links back to your own website are allowed at the bottom of the article (use a blockquote to create a unique signature). Please do not include product advertising links.
  • Exposure via RSS subscribers and email subscribers to The Left Call.

    We are not paying content creators…yet. This is not a policy, rather it’s simply a practicality. You may have noticed we run ads on The Left Call, and if we are lucky, in some months these ads pay for the cost of running this website (domain / web hosting). At this point The Left Call is a money loser, and that’s okay because the primary goal of this blog is to clear the air and get to the truth of the matter, not get rich. But if we do start generating more revenue from ads as the site grows, we would love to pay content creators for their work. So stay tuned!



    Submitting an article for review does not guarantee it will be published to The Left Call. All articles will be reviewed before they are published. If your article submission meets the above criteria and is well written it will be published. Keep in mind that we reserve the right to revise article submissions for the following reasons — add an image, spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure. Every attempt will be made to keep true to the original article.



  • Submitting an article for review does not guarantee it will be published.
  • It is preferred that you use your real name (first and last) in your user profile.
  • Provide a valid email address where you can be reached if necessary.
  • Experience with WordPress is recommended.
  • Preferred article topics: politics, government, climate change, social issues, economy, technology, science, entertainment or news media.
  • Linking Policy: Links in articles are allowed but only for supporting the content of the article. Links for advertising purposes are not permitted. You may also link to your own personal website in a signature area at the bottom of the post (use a blockquote).
  • Article Republish Policy: Your articles will be credited to you but they are also considered unique content to The Left Call and should not be published to any other website without prior approval. Exception: You can publish the same or similar article to your own personal blog or website (as a cross-post) as long as you link back to The Left Call. To be clear, The Left Call will not claim ownership of the articles you write, but instead it is preferred that you think of your articles as a non-monetary donation in support of The Left Call’s mission.
  • Editing Policy: All submitted articles are subject to editing which includes reworking passages, changing words, adding photos, and selecting appropriate tags along with a suitable category.
  • Controversial subjects are fine but offensive remarks or direct personal attacks are not welcome.
  • Adult language is permitted but should only be used for occasional emphasis. Please keep it in check.