UnSkewed Polls: Romney’s Got This One In The Bag

If you need a chuckle to close out your work week, why not go with a bit of right-wing nonsense by checking out this presidential election map from the conservative hack website UnSkewed Polls.

The 2012 Election, unskewed style:

UnSkewed Polls "Projection" - October 25, 2012

Does Romney need to even try? He should just take a vacation and rest up for election night. And why is Obama campaigning still? I mean, game over man. — Well, assuming you live in the bubble that is.

Outside the conservative echo chamber this is still Obama’s election to lose. The electoral math is still in Obama’s favor. Romney pretty much needs to win Florida AND Ohio (not to mention other “battleground” states), and unfortunately for Romney, Ohio has stubbornly continued to favor Obama even with the Romney debate surge.

Oh, and Romney will not win my home state of Pennsylvania. Won’t happen.

As if the above “unskewed” map isn’t funny enough, look at their methodology below. Please don’t hold the spelling mistakes against them. What it takes away in credibility, it adds in charm.

Methodology: For EACH state, all of the following information was considered: results from the last four elections averaged together, recent political trends in that state (such as Republicans winning control of both houses of the state legislature in 2010 in Maine and New Hampshire), recent trends in demographic makeup that affect the politics of the state (such as the growth of hispanics in Colorado causing the Democratic Party to become more competitive), and the degree to which one or both of the major campaigns are targetting that state, such as both campaigns making Ohio the most important state and campaigning there more than any other state, and any other relevant political factors and data such as public polls from a variety of pollling firms, as well as data from the QStarNews polls of the presidential race. From all of this information a percentage breakdown of each state is calculated between Romney and Obama. This projection is expected to be spot-on accurate for predicting the outcome in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and close to the actual popular vote.The UNSKEWED Projection of the 2012 Presidential Race

“Spot-on accurate.” Now that’s some hilarious shit.

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