Economic Uncertainty? You Can Thank Mitt Romney and Republicans

Robert Reich says Mitt Romney offers a question-mark when it comes to his plans for the economy. We’ve heard Romney and Republicans say that businesses are uncertain because of Obama’s big government agenda, but Reich posits that it is Romney who is offering uncertainty. Whether it’s his promise to repeal Obamacare (with no details on what he would replace it with) or his $5 trillion tax cut (with no details on which loopholes he will eliminate), Romney comes up short on specifics.

In fact, Romney isn’t offering much substance at all when it comes to anything he says he will do to help the economy. He says he will create 12 million new jobs, but where’s the plan? Tax cuts and less regulation, that’s it. That’s all he is offering. I guess Romney supporters plan to vote on faith alone.

Romney says if elected he’ll repeal Obamacare and replace it with something else. He promises he’ll provide health coverage to people with pre-existing medical problems but he doesn’t give a hint how he’d manage it.

Insurance companies won’t pay the higher costs of insuring these people unless they have extra funds — which is why Obamacare requires that everyone, including healthy young people, buy insurance. Yet Romney doesn’t say where the extra money to fund insurers would come from. From taxpayers? Businesses?

Talk about uncertainty. – Robert Reich

Right about now is when Republicans interject with “Obama has no plan for the economy,” but they are lying. — Do you remember the American Jobs Act? Proposed by the president over a year ago, the American Jobs Act would have created over one million jobs and it was fully paid for. But Republicans in the House thought it better to remove Obama from office than help the economy. The American Jobs Act was dead on arrival, not because it was a bad plan for the economy, but because Republicans never had any intention of trying to improve the economy with Obama still in the White House.

Now Republicans want you to vote for their candidate. You know, Mitt Romney, the candidate who is truly offering no plan for the economy. But nevermind that. You need to take it on faith that Romney “knows how the economy works,” and that Romney “knows how to create jobs.”

So who’s creating more uncertainty for the economy again?

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