Obama Wasn’t The Only Winner Last Night, Liberals Had A Big Night Too

A good night for liberals like Elizabeth Warren

It was a good night for President Obama and his supporters and it was a great night for progressives, liberals and anyone who believes in advancing human rights and equality.

Here are the big liberal victories last night:

Democrat Claire McCaskill kept her Missouri Senate seat over Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin, winning by 16 points.

In Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren convincingly defeated Republican incumbent Senator Scott Brown.

After marriage equality was defeated 32 times when states put it on the ballot, last night same-sex marriage passed with popular votes in Maine and Maryland and an effort to ban same-sex marriage in Minnesota was defeated. And in Washington state, same-sex marriage looks likely to pass as well, but has not officially been called yet.

The first openly gay United States Senator was elected in Wisconsin, Senator-Elect Tammy Baldwin.

The first Asian-American female Senator was elected in Hawaii, Senator-Elect Mazie Hirono.

Tammy Duckworth defeats the caustic Republican Congressman Joe Walsh in Illinois.

Voters in Washington state and Colorado voted to decriminalize marijuana possession, which are the first attempts by states to legalize the drug for non-medical use. Massachusetts voted to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, joining 16 other states and the District of Columbia.

Democrats picked up two seats in the U.S. Senate

And finally, President Barack Obama was re-elected with over 300 electoral votes and it looks like he will win with at least a 2-3% margin in the popular vote as well. After 4 years of conservatives finding any and all means to marginalize President Obama, to make his 2008 election seem like a fluke, and to delegitimize his presidency, it was those same conservatives who were marginalized.

Information from The Rachel Maddow Show was used to partially compile this list.

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