Eliot Spitzer: Romney Advisers Writing “Advertisements” In Wall Street Journal

Viewpoint with Eliot Spitzer - Current TVDuring his “Number of the Day” segment on Viewpoint, Eliot Spitzer tells us that The Wall Street Journal has published 20 op-ed articles written by Romney advisers without disclosure. Essentially these articles are free advertisements for the Romney campaign in a prominent newspaper.

This election has been notable for the sheer volume of dishonestly emanating from Republican supporters, and our Number of the Day is still yet one more example. Twenty – That’s how many essays The Wall Street Journal ran on its op-ed page without mentioning that the authors were advisers to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. Media Matters found nine Romney insiders who wrote essays attacking the president on the economy, health care, education, and foreign policy, yet “Journal” editors didn’t point out the vested, professional interests these authors have in the election’s outcome, which is to say, newspaper customers were never told they were basically reading advertisements. “Journal” editors are among the most experienced in the news business, so they know better. This kind of omission is simply inexcusable. One other shocking fact from this story, it’s hard to believe Mitt Romney actually has nine campaign advisers. The way things have been going for the past couple of weeks, you sure wouldn’t know it. – Eliot Spitzer

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