Opportunity vs. Outcome: Acknowledging Inequality Is Not ‘Resentment’

Conservatives love talking about the idea that if everyone works hard, plays by the rules, they too shall prosper. Hell, even President Obama has used this same rhetorical refrain on many occasions. And whether he believes it’s true or not, it never quite rings true for me when he says it, because it seems he’s still trying, over five years into his presidency, to win over at least a few conservatives.

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The Romney-Ryan Roadside Campaign Sign Problem

So I’m driving to work today along the same highway I use every day to get to work and I see the same two Romney-Ryan signs in the grassy area between northbound and southbound traffic. These signs have been there since well before election day, possibly placed in the ground only days after Ryan was named as Romney’s running mate.

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Fact of the Day: President Obama Wins 71 Percent Of The Latino Vote

Republicans will likely respond to their presidential election loss by calling for an even more conservative candidate in the 2016 election. They likely will claim that Mitt Romney in 2012 and John McCain in 2008 were not true conservatives, and if only a true conservative could be nominated, Republicans would win back the White House. The problem is, even though Mitt Romney and John McCain were once considered moderate, they did not run as moderates during their presidential campaigns. On the surface it may seem Republicans could win over the Latino vote with a conservative message, but they fail to do so because they instead cater their message to a shrinking white majority.

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