Republicans Need A 12-Step Program To Kick Their Anti-Obamacare Addiction

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On the eve of a Republican-precipitated government shutdown, I think we need an intervention. Republicans need to check themselves into a 12-step program to kick their anti-Obamacare addiction. And it’s quite likely some Republicans may require simultaneous treatment for the very dangerous Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS). Let me kick off the process by offering these essential steps.

  1. Republicans MUST admit they need help and are unable to control their compulsions, whether it is manic obsession over Obamacare repeal, or an unhealthy and dangerous desire to defeat President Obama at all costs.
  2. Republicans need a sane and lucid sponsor (any liberals up to the challenge?) to support them while they examine their past errors.
  3. Republicans need to make amends for their past mistakes (like passing bills to defund or repeal Obamacare over 40 times), and offer a written and verbal summary of how they plan to fix what they broke.
  4. Republicans then need help from us all in readjusting to the real world, because for many Republicans, reality not only has a liberal bias, it can frighten and confuse.
  5. And finally, once Republicans are in recovery, they must pledge to help their fellow Republicans when they inevitably fall off the wagon.

So I guess that was only a 5-step program, but feel free to offer your suggestions. Republicans need all the support you can give them in their time of need as they try to overcome their self-destructive compulsions.

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