Fox Narratives, False News

That Fox News has an agenda fueled by the deep-pocketed conservative movement is well, old news to liberals and progressives. Fox News acts more like a propaganda mouthpiece to the Republican Party than it does a legitimate news organization. That does not mean everything presented on Fox News is factually inaccurate. There are stories reported on Fox News that display objectivity and it is these stories that Fox News viewers will point to when they claim fair and balanced reporting.

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And Now The Left Call

It’s a happy one year anniversary for this website! I started this site as “Indiscriminate Ruminations” on August 16, 2010 as a platform for writing about things that interest me. The most common topic over the next 11 months was technology with a  frequency of posting measured in weeks and months.

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What Does It Mean To Be A Liberal?

We are witnessing a consolidation of the political left (liberal) and political right (conservative) into distinct parties in America, and I believe this has brought about confusion in political self-identity. People tend to stick with the political party of their parents and close relatives. So even people who hold a liberal view on a particular issue, may still vote for a Republican when they step into the voting booth.

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