And Now The Left Call

It’s a happy one year anniversary for this website! I started this site as “Indiscriminate Ruminations” on August 16, 2010 as a platform for writing about things that interest me. The most common topic over the next 11 months was technology with a  frequency of posting measured in weeks and months.

In August of 2011 I decided to get down to business and blog about much more important topics that I think about and read about and to do so with greater frequency. I felt the site was in need of a new name that was more fitting of the new direction. Therefore, on the day of the one year anniversary, The Left Call was born. The new direction of this blog means covering much more controversial and confrontational topics in the areas of politics, human rights and the environment. By covering these topics I feel I’m being more honest about what REALLY interests me and I hope that honesty shines through in my writing. If you have enjoyed any of my articles on technology don’t worry, I will still be writing about technology, photography and other areas of interest. The new direction of this blog simply means I will not limit my writing to safe topics only.

The mission of The Left Call is to shed light on the nonsense, the spin and the lies heard every day by politicians, pundits and those with agendas of personal or political gain and not the greater good of society.

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