Thank You For Your Service Stephen Hill

Stephen Hill - United States soldier serving in IraqI thank and support Stephen Hill.  I also thank and support – all United States military members who risk their lives for our country – without conditions. Unfortunately for some conservatives, support for our troops comes with conditions. In the most recent Republican debate on September 22, 2011, Stephen Hill – a soldier serving in Iraq – asked if the progress for gays in the military would be circumvented by a Republican administration. 

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GOP Disdain for Americans Who Don’t Pay Income Taxes

There is a growing chorus of Republicans singing the same tune about a recent report that 46% of Americans pay no federal incomes taxes. The voices include Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman and Rick Perry to name the most prominent. I posit that the reason they point to this statistic is to offer further proof towards a longstanding conservative narrative that there are people in this country getting a free ride. That these people are the freeloaders that are taking advantage of the “productive class” in this country.

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The Anti-Science Crowd

There are prominent Republicans running for President that think opinions have as much weight as evidence and peer review. Rick Perry is the latest on the right to state that there are “gaps” in the theory of evolution. Another common attack from the right is on climate change. Do these people understand that science is nonpartisan? Sure, any individual is corruptible, but the field of science is the best system we have as humans for finding the truth. Opinion does not hold more weight than years and decades of evidence and peer review.

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