Retweet Mash-up: Robert Reich, Senator Sanders, Paul Begala

The twitter bird - photo by Andreas Eldh

Some notable retweets from the past week.

@RBReich – Robert Reich
Rs believe more money will motivate the rich to work harder, while less money will motivate the poor to work harder.

@SenatorSanders – Senator Bernie Sanders
Ford’s federal income tax rate was just 2.3% in 2009 even though it made $3 billion in profits. What was your tax rate?

@PaulBegala – Paul Begala
One of Begala’s Laws of Politics: if Republicans accuse you of “class warfare”, you’re winning.

Jane Lynch on her daughter’s tea parties lately: “They complained abt taxes, called Obama a communist + wondered how the Latina kid got in.”

@BorowitzReport – Andy Borowitz
At a time like this, when America’s problems are so complex, maybe it’s time to elect a moron.

The GOP says churches and volunteers should care for the sick and poor as if there’s something currently stopping them.

@DanteAtkins – Dante Atkins
Two options to create jobs: 1) give more money to rich people in the hopes that they’ll create jobs, or 2) create jobs. Hmm…

The GOP Had No Problem Spending Trillions to Invade & Rebuild Iraq, but Refuse to Spend a Dime Rebuilding America.

To recap, the people who will decide the GOP candidate applaud letting people die due to lack of insurance.

@RBReich – Robert Reich
Biggest lie in recent US history: Cutting government spending and balancing the budget will generate more jobs and better wages.

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