RNC – Senator Kelly Ayotte: ‘Obama Has Never Even Run A Lemonade Stand’

Senator Kelly AyotteSpeaking at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, the junior Senator from New Hampshire, Kelly Ayotte just said, “President Obama has never even run a lemonade stand.” There’s that great Republican wit we all love.

If we are going to talk about the experience needed to be President of the United States, it’s hard to argue with having “President of the United States” on your resume. This line of attack might have made sense in 2008 but it’s just silly now that Barack Obama has been president for nearly four years.

I do understand that this jab is more about business experience rather than governing experience because Republicans love to conflate the two. But I think we’ve seen all the business influence we need to see after the 2008 financial meltdown. How about you?

Does anyone really think we need to apply more business-like thinking to government? Unfortunately many do. Wealthy, powerful people like the Koch brothers have done a good job selling this idea to the average American. What we really need is someone who recognizes the real role of government as an extension to the community, and that person is not Mitt Romney.

Government gives us the ability to not only protect ourselves from foreign threats but also domestic threats like hunger and poverty. We don’t need tough board room decisions when it comes to how the US government operates. What we need is less corporate influence and lot more empathy and compassion for fellow Americans.

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