Still Waiting For Cheney’s Apology

Dick Cheney - photo by Lance Page -

Dick Cheney wants an apology from President Obama for stating that the Bush administration “overreacted to 9/11.” Since we are on the topic of apologies, let’s begin with what Dick Cheney needs to apologize for. 

Dick Cheney and the Bush administration MUST apologize (in no particular order) to:

  • the hundreds illegally detained at Guantanamo Bay including those that were later released
  • the brave Americans serving in our military – for getting them involved in a war in Iraq, based on lies
  • the families who lost loved ones serving in Iraq
  • the tens or hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraq citizens – murdered due to a war based on lies
  • the American people – for creating a fear state and a police state
  • Valerie Plame, the CIA and the United States intelligence community – for leaking her identity and compromising national security
  • the Founding Fathers – for disgracing the U.S. Constitution by disregarding the judicial and legislative branches
  • humanity – for condoning torture
  • due process – for declaring war on a tactic – terrorism – to exert executive power – reserved for times of war –  with impunity
  • the unemployed and those in poverty – for advocating the failed idea of trickle down economics by giving huge tax cuts to the rich and watching the economy implode

The full list is unfortunately longer. Also unfortunate is that the Obama administration owes an apology for some of the above. No apology is owed to Dick Cheney.


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