VIDEO: Is Being Gay A Choice?

I think this guy has a point that bashing religion would be the wrong response, although I have no problem bashing religion of course. But the real issue here is bigotry, intolerance, and the use of religion as cover. Don’t get me wrong, religion is a problem, but religion is not the real reason this mother is disowning her son. She has a problem with her son not because of religion, but because she is worried what others in the neighborhood will think. She’s basically throwing her son out of the house because she lacks any courage to stand up to other bigots in the neighborhood. She is afraid of what they will think if they know she supports her son, but the only judgment she should be casting is on them, not her son. She should be wrapping her arms around him while condemning the community. And we don’t need to infer this, because she says it herself. “I will not let people believe that I condone what you do,” she says. Because what people believe is always more important than love and support for your son, right?

And no, being gay is not a choice. But even if it was, it would not be license to treat people the way this mother is treating her son.


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