Does Trump Parallel Hitler’s Rise To Power?

Do you sometimes see a parallel between Donald Trump’s rise and Adolf Hitler’s rise? Shall I now pause and cringe, anticipating the boos & rotten tomatoes flying through the air? Yes, I know its become cliché to compare anyone contemporary to Hitler. But seriously, Donald Trump is spewing some extreme right-wing rhetoric during a time of economic uncertainty. His campaign appeals to “downtrodden” white people on issues they feel know are true without any supporting evidence, relying on stoked fears of the “other” who is infiltrating and ruining our once great nation.

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Media’s Obtuse Un-Self-Aware Donald Trump Obsession

For the past few weeks, Donald Trump has dominated the news commentary shows. A common melody intoned from the mouths of hosts and guests is that Donald Trump is, well, trumping media coverage of all the other Republican candidates. The obtuseness of the media in its coverage of Donald Trump is nothing short of remarkable.

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Blinded By The Right: Self-Delusion Fueled Obama-Rage

We generally find it narcissistic, self-righteous, and even a bit creepy when a human being believes he or she is superior to another human being. But when someone believes this very same thing about their country, with the implication being that all other countries (and hence the people who live in them) are inferior, it is considered perfectly normal. And if you are an American, you damn well better believe you live in the best country on the face of the Earth.

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