VIDEO: In Memory of Robin Williams, by Aladdin Voice Actor

The video below is worth watching if you are still in a bit of disbelief at the passing of Robin Williams. A tribute like this has the potential to go wrong, but the man who continues to voice the character of “Aladdin” (after Robin Williams voiced the character for the 1992 film), performs it perfectly.

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VIDEO: Canadian Businessman Says It’s ‘Fantastic’ 85 People Have More Wealth Than Billions In Poverty

Canadian Businessman, TV host, and “Asshat of the Year” winner (and that’s impressive because it’s still only January) Kevin O’Leary says that it’s “fantastic” that the richest 85 people have more wealth than half the population on planet Earth. The video is worth watching just to see the reaction by O’Leary’s co-host, Amanda Lang.

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VIDEO: Why Do Planets Orbit The Sun On The Same Plane?

Ever wonder why all the planets orbit the sun on the same plane? Why is the solar system flat when it has all that “space” it could be using? Or maybe you didn’t even realize it is flat. Well, the solar system isn’t completely flat, as the planets do orbit the sun at slightly different angles, but given the overall 3D space the planets could be occupying, our solar system is remarkably flat. This video explains.

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