Cliven Bundy, Sean Hannity, And Right-Wing Reactionary Politics

The whole Cliven Bundy episode is a case study in right-wing reactionary politics. All the people who came to his support are now distancing themselves. That includes Sean Hannity and other Fox News personalities, and it also includes the Kochs’ funded Americans for Prosperity. None of them could be bothered to do any homework before throwing their support to him or featuring him prominently on Fox News nightly.

I gotta tell ya, it’s a real shocker that Cliven Bundy turned out to be such a racist asshole. Well, to be fair, he was already a major asshole before we also found at he was racist. If Cliven Bundy, a person who owes over 20 years worth of back taxes, was a black man, I wonder what kind of support he would have received from the likes of Sean Hannity and crew? Oh sure, Sean Hannity is now denouncing Cliven Bundy, but I’m pretty sure if Bundy was black he would not have been on Hannity’s radar, and if he was, I have a pretty good idea which side of the issue Hannity would have been on in that scenario. After all, don’t “they” call people like that, “takers”? Makes you wonder if skin color enters into the minds of those who talk about makers vs. takers, huh?

Cliven bundy

photo by Urquhart/Reuters

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