VIDEO: How Can It Be So Cold If There’s Global Warming?

So if global warming is real, how come it’s so cold outside?

This question is a perfect example of when the premise of a question should be rejected. Because this isn’t even really a question, it’s a snarky (unformed) statement masquerading as a question. The premise here is that because it’s really cold out, and because it’s snowing, and because winter is still a thing, that means it’s hard for my little brain to believe something like global warming could be real. I mean, I don’t know about you, but when I step out my door, “warm” thoughts don’t come to mind, and well, it’s called global “warming,” right? So what’s up with that?

Other than sounding like boneheads, people who ask questions like this seem to ignore the “global” part and only focus on the “warming” part, and only during the winter. The topic is conveniently absent from their minds during the summer.

So deniers, I might be going out on a limb to assume you are aware that the “global” part means that we are talking about the entire climate of the globe (Earth), and that the Earth has hemispheres, and well, it’s kind of warm (actually really hot) in parts of the southern hemisphere, where (you guessed it), it’s summer.

And deniers, I suggest sticking to topics you know something about. Speaking of topics people know something about, these people know A LOT more than you do about global warming:


There they go again. Those pesky scientists and their audacity to use logic and reason in a quest to actually figure out how things work instead of relying on inane conjecture. Tsk tsk

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