It’s Cold, Conservatives Are Bored, Commence Al Gore “Jokes”

It’s the dead of winter. Much of the country is in a deep freeze. And apparently conservative commentators and your annoying Facebook pals are bored. Now that “war on Christmas” mode has lapsed, we find ourselves knee-deep in “global warming can’t be real because it’s cold outside” mode.

If you haven’t seen a random “Al Gore” Tweet or Facebook comment, just give it some time. You know what I’m talking about — the random comment about why global warming and climate change are bunk because well, Al Gore said “this,” or did “that”. Or the latest one is that climate change isn’t real because Al Gore sold Current TV to Al Jazeera which is owned by a oil producing nation. Last time I checked, the United States of America is an oil producing nation as well. But this is conservative logic after all  Isn’t it glorious?

Exhibit A

Brian Kilmeade, Fox News Host, Suggests Only ‘Corrupt’ Scientists Believe In Climate Change (AUDIO):

Fox’s Brian Kilmeade became testy during his radio show Tuesday when a caller argued that almost all scientists believe climate change is a real phenomenon, according to Raw Story.

The caller, named “John,” was referring to the portion of President Barack Obama’s inauguration address in which he said, “We will respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that the failure to do so would betray our children and future generations.”

John called climate change, the “most important thing we need to be concerned about,” to which Kilmeade replied sarcastically, “This morning it snowed, only because there was pollution in China.”

When John protested that 98 percent of climatologists say climate change is real, Kilmeade shot back: “You mean the corrupt ones? You mean the corrupt ones who admit they skew their findings?”

You can’t reason with stupid.

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