The Republican Endgame: An America Where Big Ideas Are Dead

Republicans have become the party of “No we can’t” and Democrats have become the party of “Yes we can, but…”. Gone are the days of big ideas and big plans for the future. We no longer live in a country that is capable of shooting for the stars and solving big problems. Instead we are in a race to the bottom that has coincided with a political shift to the right that caters to rich and powerful interests.

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Not Cheering – Not Zero

A new report released by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that the stimulus bill that went into effect in February 2009 has created between 1 million and 2.9 million jobs. While this falls short (even at 2.9 million) of where job creation needs to be it also invalidates the right-wing narrative that the stimulus didn’t work. Just this past week Sean Hannity falsely stated we are losing 400,000 jobs a month.

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