I’m a Socialist and So Are You

Did you hear? President Obama wants the Bush tax cuts to expire – only on the top tax bracket – therefore he is a socialist. Or let’s try another one… They are saying Obama is a socialist because he wants everyone in this country to have access to healthcare. Actually “they” are right about that second one. That is a socialist idea and I fully embrace it. This must mean I’m a socialist too, at least when it comes to the topic of healthcare. I will show I’m also a socialist in many other areas and you likely are as well.

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Balance We Can’t Believe In

A balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution has been floated before. Let me state emphatically that it’s a stupid idea. I’m all for conscientious spending of tax dollars but a balanced budget amendment means that in a time of national emergency (natural or man-made disaster) we could not spend the money required to address the emergency at hand unless we could balance the books in the process. But if there is one silver lining, we wouldn’t have had the two wars (Iraq and Afghanistan) had there been a balanced budget amendment at the time.

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You Have A Say In Your Government

One thing that I’ve been continually mystified about is this notion of government is evil and part of the problem. This kind of rhetoric was in overdrive during the healthcare debate in 2009 and 2010. When it comes to government, you have a say! It’s by the people, for the people. Why anyone would choose to privatize (or keep private) a service that is meant to benefit all (like financing of healthcare) is perplexing to me. You, I, and all citizens have a say in our government.

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