Divide A Nation: Whatever It Takes To Win The White House

South-side of the White House at Night - photo by Matt Elmstedt

Republicans want to defeat President Obama and take back the White House and it doesn’t matter how much carnage trails behind them in the process. They say that Obama is dividing the nation and pitting one class against another, but it is in fact Republicans that are using whatever tactics necessary, including demonizing any and all social groups, classes, ethnic groups, and more.

Groups that Republicans have attacked:

Gays: check
Blacks: check
Poor: check
Liberals: check
Media (other than Fox News): check
Unemployed: check
Immigrants (legal or illegal): check

It seems the only groups that Republicans don’t attack are the 1% and evangelical Christians.

Rick Santorum has had no shortage of disparaging things to say about gays and Rick Perry made the now famous political ad complaining that gays could serve openly in the military.

Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have both been critical of -or- insensitive towards blacks in recent weeks.

Whenever any of the GOP candidates says something so stupid it’s impossible to double down on it they instantly blame liberals and the media for taking their comments out of context or intentionally trying to smear their campaign.

As for the poor and unemployed, according to Republicans they only have themselves to blame, as Herman Cain said. More than one Republican in congress, like Senator Jon Kyl, has labeled the unemployed as lazy because they are living on unemployment benefits like it’s a lifestyle choice.

And I haven’t forgotten about immigrants. It doesn’t matter whether they are legal or illegal, many Republicans have a problem with them either way. Papers please.

Who’s dividing the nation? If one of the two major political parties is responsible for dividing the nation I think it’s safe to say it’s the one that is currently undergoing a purity test, cleansing itself of all diversity. There is only one big tent political party in this country now and that is the Democratic party. There is only one political party that accepts both liberals and conservatives, again the Democratic party. I don’t consider myself a Democrat but my eyes are wide fucking open and there is no way I can see myself supporting any Republican candidate for any office based on the modern-day politics of exclusion and discrimination within the Republican party.

I ask again which party is dividing the nation?


photo by Matt Elmstedt via Flickr

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