There’s No Off Position On The Gun Rights Switch

We often hear about elderly who crash their car because they confused the gas pedal for the brake pedal (I witnessed this years ago in Burger King parking lot), or any number of other reasons why someone of advanced age could wreck their car. And we hope in these cases the only people they hurt are themselves (at worst). And of course, many people say there needs to be an age limit on driving or there needs to be required driving tests for people once they get to a certain age. And of course, we do nothing about this because, well, it’s a touchy subject.

Well, I feel the same way about guns. Because of course it’s your legal right to own a gun, and we can have a debate about that another day if you wish. But, when age sets in, and mental capacity might not be what it used to be, what happens to the gun in the house?

I know, I know, asking questions that are risky and messy and all those things. Because, just fugetaboutit, life is short, and hey, maybe it can be even shorter.

But seriously, those of the gun rights persuasion talk about doing something about mental illness, but it seems they don’t think they will ever be subject to the mental decline that could mean loss of gun privileges (if society was serious), as if we aren’t all subject to aging.

So, for those NRA-loving types, I have this question: If there is to be a test for mental fitness for owning a gun, will you endorse it?…Even if you fail it?

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