QUOTE: As If Wanting The Gun Wasn’t A Pretty Good Heads Up In The First Place

Maybe if you are looking to buy a semi-automatic weapon, that might be reason enough to negate the sale. We can bypass the background check altogether.

I’m encouraged to hear the White House has discovered there’s a drug problem in this country. I mean your penetrating insight is matched only by the courage displayed in the authorship of this bill. — Not the three-inch grip, but the two-inch grip, with the 40 gauge barrel. And the 30 round clip, not the 20 round clip with a three-day wait to run a check to see if you are crazy, as if wanting the gun wasn’t a pretty good heads up in the first place. – Congressman Mark Richardson

I love this West Wing quote from season 1, episode 4. The context is that the White House is trying to pass a gun control bill, and there are five fewer votes in favor than they thought they had. During the episode, White House staff are either threatening or wooing members of congress to win votes back. The above quote is from a scene between Chief of Staff Leo McGarry (the late John Spencer) and Congressman Mark Richardson (Thom Barry).

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