A Convenient Posture By White Anti-Government Conservatives

The ability to agitate a white anti-government conservative is highly dependent on who is victimized. If it is a black person getting the shaft by government, or a local police department, or anyone really, the level of concern from this white anti-government conservative rests somewhere between their concern for global warming and equal access to the voting booth.


Ever notice that anti-government people grow silent whenever government is pointing guns at people they don’t like?

Yes, in fact I have. I would apply this more specifically to the anti-government gun rights crowd, who yes, are also conservative. Remember, they need their guns for that eventual uprising in response to a tyrannical government. But they never exactly define what would make them rise up. While of course I would never condone any such violent action, it’s safe to say the anti-government gun rights people are not planning to spring into action in defense of black people being mistreated by a local police department, say, in Ferguson, Missouri.

And what if those black people took up arms against that eventual tyrannical government? To use my favorite word today, that seems an untenable scenario for white anti-government types.