Climate Reality – All 24 Hours

Al Gore’s 24 Hours of Reality kicks off this Wednesday, September 14th at 8pm Eastern Time. How many will be paying attention? Will it have an impact? How many humorless jokes from the Right about Al Gore will we have to endure?

This event is part of Gore’s Climate Reality Project. Here is an excerpt from their website:

The Climate Reality Project is bringing the facts about the climate crisis into the mainstream and engaging the public in conversation about how to solve it. We help citizens around the world discover the truth and take meaningful steps to bring about change.

On their website you can commit to watch (RSVP), plan a viewing party or even “donate” your social media account(s) for the day. From what I’ve read about this event it seems – in addition to the overwhelming evidence – it will have a strong focus on the corporate interests and the climate change deniers and their agendas. This contrasts with Gore’s documentary – An Inconvenient Truth – where the primary focus was the evidence.

The event will consist of 24 presenters with a 24 hour message spanning 24 time zones and in 13 languages. There will also be a new presentation by Al Gore delivered once per hour.

If I have any concerns about this event it would be the man behind it, which I’ve written about before. I have no problems with Al Gore but unfortunately there are millions in this country that do and they use the mere mention of his name as one (of many) excuses for why they say climate change is not real or not man-made. This isn’t Al Gore’s fault but it does concern me that the effectiveness of the message might be lost on many that need to pay attention.

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  • This is such an important issue and I thank you for making us aware of this project. For me, Al Gore has garnered enormous credibility and history will view him kindly. But all need to heed these warnings. If the weather of the past few years is not a solid indicator, I don’t know what else would convince the naysayers of global warming and the destruction done to our environment by corporate greed.

    • If nothing else, even if one doesn’t believe climate change is real or man-made, is it not a good thing to want clean air and a cleaner environment? All of which would be by-products of what would be done to mitigate climate change.