Outsourced: Two Can Play That Game

Most are well aware of the corporate trend to maximize profits by shipping jobs overseas. Outsourcing to countries with cheap labor and lax employment standards means easy cash for corporate bigwigs.

It turns out two can play that game. Instead of waiting for your company to outsource your job, why not get a head start, play the middleman, and reap the benefits in the process? That’s exactly what one man did.

The Story of a Man Who Outsourced His Work to China so He Could Watch Cat Videos All Day:

RSA Securid Token - Key Chain Fob Style - photo by Purple Slog

RSA Securid Token – Key Chain Fob Style

Bob’s company had started letting employees work remotely from home on certain days, so it set up a VPN concentrator to facilitate that.

The company initially thought there was some kind of malware routing traffic from an internal connection in China, and then back to the U.S.

What they ended up finding were hundreds of PDF invoices from a third-party contractor in Shenyang, China.

So while workers in China were doing Bob’s job for him, Bob was sitting back, relaxing, watching cat videos, and earning “several hundred thousand dollars” a year.

OK, so maybe my first reaction is that this guy is a lazy ass who can’t be bothered to do his six figure salary job. On the other hand, corporations outsourcing jobs to foreign countries, paying a fraction in labor costs — resulting in CEOs, executives and stockholders padding a few extra zeros to their bottom lines? Sounds equally nefarious if you ask me.

photo by Purple Slog