Same-sex marriage to be part of Democratic Party platform at convention

The Democratic Party will officially make same-sex marriage part of the party platform at the Democratic convention this September. It marks a big win for gay and lesbian equality in America and is the latest achievment in a growing list of achievments for the LGBT community in just the past few years. This is what can happen (directly or indirectly) when there is a progressive and (sometimes) liberal voice leading the country (President Obama).

• • • founder Jeff Bezos pledges $2.5 million in support of same-sex marriage in Washington

Well this makes me feel good about the years of patronage I’ve given to Amazon. Billionaire Jeff Bezos, founder of, has pledged $2.5 million in an effort to keep same-sex marriage legal in the state of Washington. Earlier this year Washington passed a law that legalized same-sex marriage but the law is being challenged and will be put on the ballot in November. This means the rights of a minority group will be put to a popular vote. It should be noted that same-sex marriage has failed every time it has been put to a popular vote in other states. This is why we should never put rights to a vote. Rights are not something that we decide. That’s why they are rights. Hmm, I hear Rachel Maddow’s voice in my head right now. Anyway, the $2.5 million pledge from Bezos doubles the amount of money that proponents of same-sex marriage have available to protect the rights of same-sex couples in Washington state. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s coming from a high-profile business owner.

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How Is Obama’s Support Of Same-Sex Marriage A Political Slam Dunk?

Last week President Obama publicly gave his support to same-sex marriage. It’s mostly symbolic since the president maintains that it’s a matter for the states to decide, but it’s important symbolism nonetheless, and immediately and predictably the attacks from the Right began. It’s noteworthy that much of the pushback from the Right has been along the lines of criticizing President Obama on political grounds and not on same-sex marriage itself. In other words, it seems many on the Right, especially Fox News pundits, have been careful in how they are critical of Obama on this issue. Could it be that they are well aware that a majority of the country now supports same-sex marriage?

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President Obama Announces Support For Same-Sex Marriage

A couple of days ago I started the new poll question, “When will President Obama publicly support same-sex marriage?” The choices were “Before election”, “Second term (if elected)” and “Never”. When I started the poll I never imagined we’d have the answer so soon. I just closed the poll after only five votes because President Obama announced today that he now supports same-sex marriage. Out of five votes, nobody chose “Before election”.

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