New Jersey Bridge Collapse And Train Derailment Leads To Chemical Spill

Unlike global warming, where no single storm event can be directly attributed to a warming planet, we can directly attribute infrastructure failures with lack of public and political will. No, we do not know the exact cause of today’s train derailment and bridge collapse in Paulsboro, NJ, but we do know that events like this will become more common if we continue to allow America’s infrastructure to deteriorate. The bridge collapse and train derailment resulted in a chemical spill of vinyl chloride into the Mantua Creek. Over 70 people received medical treatment due to the spill.

Train wreck in Paulsboro, New Jersey - 6ABC, Philadelphia

“Chopper 6 HD was over the scene of a train wreck in Paulsboro, New Jersey on Friday, November 30th.” – 6ABC, Philadelphia


I guess as long as events like this happen in remote locations, industrial locations or poor locations, we will continue to lack the will to spend the money necessary to upgrade America’s infrastructure — an upgrade that would also serve as a massive dose of economic stimulus, ultimately producing millions of jobs. But no, we don’t want that.

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