Robert Wolf: Why do we need taxes to go up for the wealthy?

Robert Wolf, former President of UBS Investment Bank, was on Up with Chris Hayes this morning and said the following about taxes:

Robert WolfWhy do we need taxes to go up for the wealthy? It’s about having a shared sacrifice. And I need to put one fact on the table. Since 1776, every war we’ve ever had in this country was followed with taxes. Every war. We’ve been in a 10-year war. OK. It is time that we look at the sacrifice differently. This is not, like I don’t want my taxes to go up, but at the end of the day this is what I would recommend for this country. They all [presumably Republicans and conservatives] give the president grief about clarity, this is very straight forward. We could pass right now, tax relief for ninety-eight, the extension for ninety-eight percent of this country. Let’s do it. Then let’s have the argument on the last two percent and see which way it goes. But let’s bring clarity to ninety-eight percent of this country. – Robert Wolf

I couldn’t agree more.

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