VIDEO: Rachel Maddow High School Graduation Speech (1990)

I’ve seen Rachel Maddow’s high school yearbook picture, but I’ve never seen this graduation speech before. It’s very much recognizable as a Rachel Maddow speech (other than the long blonde hair).

from Mediaite: Here’s a video clip of Maddow’s high school graduation speech. Not only does it give an early taste of her rhetorical style, but she is just so perfectly 1990s — complete with white socks and Birkenstocks.

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  • Steve

    WOW! What a ballsy speech to give! And who is that person who sounds like Rachael Maddow? She doesn’t look ANYTHING like her, but the voice and tone are similar. 🙂

    • Seriously. She was only 17. Who talks like that at 17? 🙂