GOP Debate: Obama Hammered On Executive Action ‘Abuse’

So, during last night’s GOP debate, somebody (it could have been Cruz, but who really gives a fuck?) said something to the effect of, blah, blah, President Obama, blah, an unlawful and unprecedented, blah, blah, use of executive orders. As is usual anytime you listen to Republicans, your rational brain insists on looking this shit up.

Turns out, President Obama is not so reckless when it comes to use of executive orders. (Executive Orders – The American Presidency Project)

Obama is on pace to hit 264 executive orders when he wraps things up a little less than a year from now. Sounds like a lot, right? Well, would it surprise you that President George W. Bush had 291 executive orders?

It turns out, use of executive orders has been in an overall decline for many decades. Clinton had 364. Regain had 381. But get this, go back quite a few decades, and the executive order count goes insane.

Republican Theodore Roosevelt had 1,081. But, nobody beats Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt, with a whopping 3,721 executive orders in just a bit over 12 years (this is before the two-term limit). In fact, FDR’s yearly pace (307) was higher than Obama or Bush’s entire count for two terms! And many modern Republicans at least in some respect look back fondly on FDR. So, what gives?

When people talk shit, they better know their shit. And just for the hell of it, yeah, I’m talking to you Senator Cruz.

Extra credit trivia: Yes, Theodore Roosevelt was a Republican president, but then he joined the Progressive Party post presidency. And if that piqued your interest, you should read the platform of the Progressive Party (founded 1912):

To that end, the platform called for

In the social sphere the platform called for

The political reforms proposed included

The platform also urged states to adopt measures for “direct democracy“, including:

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