Dear Racist: You Are The Problem

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Dear Racist:

It’s probably a dubious task to try to persuade you to see the error in your ways. After all, to you, the error lies not at your feet but at the feet of an entire race of people. You’ve got it all figured out. The problems in our society are not because of people like you, but rather those damned minorities.

But see, here’s the problem. There’s this thing called “Occam’s razor” that posits the conclusion that uses the least amount of assumptions is probably the correct one. So, tell me which of these scenarios is more likely:

1. Your views on a race of people are based on sound research and character judgment of millions of unique members of that race.

2. Your views on a race of people are a result of your own fear and bias.

I gotta tell ya, I’m leaning towards #2. And the reason is simple. You are ONE person, yet you are condemning an ENTIRE race of people. In this equation, the problem is not with the millions your are condemning, the problem is you. The problem lies at your feet, and your feet alone. You are the problem, because you are a racist.

So if you ever find yourself criticizing someone because of their race, understand that this is NEVER a legitimate critique. A person can be an asshole, or a jerk, or a moron, or uninformed, or whatever, but it’s never because of their race, it’s because of who they are singularly. Again, in this scenario, if you are assuming it’s because of their race, then you are the uninformed asshole, jerk, and moron.


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