Republican Cowards Can’t Even Own Their Shutdown

If you are going to shut down the government, the very least you can do is be honest about it by owning it. Republicans tell us they are doing this because they must take a stand to end the destructive Obamacare. But then Republicans tell us they really aren’t doing anything. They aren’t responsible for the shutdown, its President Obama who is responsible. Wait, what?

Okay, let me see if I can explain this. Republicans do not believe they initiated this fight. They believe this fight started at the very moment Democrats decided to pass the Affordable Care Act without a single Republican vote. Never mind the fact that there are plenty of Republican ideas in the ACA, like oh, let’s see, um… THE ENTIRE FUCKING LAW! Because Republicans were (and are) intransigent when it comes to supporting anything President Obama is for, they decided they would not vote for the ACA even though Democrats worked with Republicans to negotiate much of what is in the law.

So Republicans simply see the current government shutdown as a continuation of their fight against the health care law. It’s not that Obama did anything specific recently, other than refuse to capitulate, it’s that he signed the ACA into law in March 2010. And because he did that, and because Democrats passed the law in congress, it is not Republicans who are responsible for the shutdown (over 40 months later), it is Democrats. It goes without saying that no reasonable person would believe this, and maybe that’s why the Republican party is now seeing record low approval (only 28% have a favorable view of the GOP). But I’m sure Republicans will use more sound logic to explain that away, like, oh I don’t know… Liberal media bias? — Yeah, that’ll work.

John boehner

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  • think a little deeper

    the republicans have no spine. But a response to a comment of yours.

    “They aren’t responsible for the shutdown, its President Obama who is responsible. Wait, what?”

    The republicans passed a bill that funded the government minus some discretionary obamacare items.
    The president threatened a veto and the senate never had a up down vote on that “clean” bill. The senate amended the bill and called it a “clean” bill. There was nothing in that un-amended bill that the democrats didnt want to fund. So why not pass the bill .. that they agree with everything in it should be funded?
    Because the President said he would veto it.
    The alternative was to not vote on it clean and shut down the government. His decision!! The fact is that the republicans are weak and essentially gave up a constitutional power to the President and the senate.

    In addition .. the debt limit issue … there is substantial revenue to pay for the debt interest payments of the government if they are paid “FIRST” If the government had defaulted it would have been squarely the presidents decision

    This will come back and bite the democrats when a republican is in power and asserts this new presidential power to dictate the power of the purse. Just as the Republicans a few years ago let things slide and are now paying for giving up other powers … so will the Democrats be sorry. And we the people will continue to lose liberty through actions of legislation and bully pulpit power.

    • It’s a nice story, but too bad most Americans aren’t buying it, as is evidenced by unprecedented low approval for the GOP. It’s amazing to me that one can blame President Obama for the shutdown given the facts. If there’s concern with a break from the norm in American politics, it’s not anything President Obama is doing, it’s what House Republicans are doing. And they proved it yet again tonight by overwhelmingly voting against opening the government and avoiding a debt default. Luckily 87 House Republicans came to their senses along with ALL Democrats.

      And no, you are wrong about being able to service the debt without raising the debt ceiling. The Treasury has already been playing tricks to avoid default since May. While there are days when enough revenue comes in to service the debt, that’s not true every day. And when we hit that day, we default. The fact that we even need to have this discussion is evidence of the level of crazy discourse created by a vocal minority of political hacks.

      If people want to reduce spending or want to repeal Obamacare or whatever, then do it through legislation, not holding the country hostage. You don’t get to make your demands to defund/dismantle a settled law, or you’re going to shutdown the government and default, and then turn around blame Democrats and the President for the very thing you brought on yourself.