Louisiana GOP State Rep. Says Go To ‘Gun Friendly’ Coffee Shops Instead Of Starbucks

Maybe it’s because I don’t live in the South, but I’ve NEVER seen someone openly carrying a weapon in a store. I live in Pennsylvania, which is (according to Wikipedia) an “anomalous” open carry state, which apparently means it’s mostly up to local jurisdictions. But tell me, do you honestly consider yourself to be in greater danger when shopping at your favorite store sans firearm? Again, I must make it known that it’s entirely possible I’m ignorant to people’s lifestyles in other parts to the country. Maybe in some states it’s commonplace to see people openly carrying a firearm in a Starbucks, but it’s just not the case where I live. But because I know there are parts (I’d like to assume a majority) of the country where open carry is not a common practice, that makes the right-wing gun nut freak out over Starbucks all the more ridiculous.

Louisiana GOP Rep.: Go To ‘Gun Friendly’ Coffee Shops Instead Of Starbucks — Louisiana State Rep. Jeff Thompson (R) is urging conservatives to boycott Starbucks and instead go to coffee shops that have “gun friendly” owners.

Thompson’s call, made Friday on the Defend Louisiana website, is in response to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz asking customers to not “bring fire arms” into Starbucks coffee shops. Defend Louisiana is a campaign Thompson founded in opposition to new gun laws.

“The home of the most expensive cup of coffee is apparently now the home of one of the most dangerous as well,” Thompson said in the statement.

Because Starbucks is asking it’s customers not to bring firearms into their stores, that makes their stores more dangerous? This thought process can only come from the mind of a delusional gun advocate. If I walk into a Starbucks and see this…

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…I’m turning around and walking back out the door. I don’t think I’m alone in this thinking, and so that’s exactly why Starbucks doesn’t want the above image playing out in their stores. It’s not good for business. And so threats by gun nuts to boycott Starbucks is not likely to hit business as hard as allowing the above “stunt” to play out in more and more stores across the country.

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