Since This Morning, Alcohol Has Killed Thousands. Marijuana? Zero

Most Americans now believe marijuana should be legal. Most have realized the war on drugs, especially when it comes to pot, has been an abysmal failure. And most people know alcohol is a much more potent and deadly drug than weed. Alcohol is responsible for thousands of deaths per day, and countless hardships, yet it remains legal. And it should remain legal, because we know prohibition doesn’t work.

So just how many have been killed by alcohol since this morning? Last time I checked before publishing this article the count was up to 3,766 according to the website Since This Morning.


The Huffington Post — The alcohol-related deaths figure is based off global statistics for annual alcohol-attributable deaths from a World Health Organization report , using the latest available data. To get the number on the left, accidental alcohol-attributable deaths — such as those from traffic accidents — are subtracted from the total number deaths due to alcohol. Counting only deaths due to the direct effects of alcohol consumption and dependence, around 1,760,000 people are killed by those causes around the world each year. This number is then used to calculate total deaths per second, and that figure is paired with the current time to estimate the total number killed so far that day.

As noted in the Huffington Post piece, the deaths caused by marijuana is a much more precise number, because it never changes. It’s zero. You would need to smoke a truckload of weed in the time it takes to read this article for marijuana to be harmful. And yes, that’s scientific.

So why are we arresting nearly a million people each year for marijuana related offenses?


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