Syria Accepts Russian Proposal To Hand Over Chemical Weapons

Today Syria accepted a Russian diplomatic proposal to hand over it’s chemical weapons, in a potential deal aimed at averting a U.S. military strike.

President Obama will still speak to the nation tonight from the Oval Office, but it’s now unclear what his message will be. Obama still wants congress to vote to authorize use of military force, but speaking about the Syria-Russia deal, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said, “We see this as potentially a positive development and we see this as a clear result of the pressure that has been put on Syria.”

So it appears for the moment war with Syria has been put on hold. And now there’s a group of Senators working on the outline of a new Syria plan that would “call for the United Nations to pass a resolution asserting that Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria used chemical weapons in the country’s ongoing civil war,” according to POLITICO. “A UN team would be required to remove the chemical weapons within a specified timeframe.” The plan would also authorize the use of military force if Syria does not cooperate.

The new course of action in Washington in light of the Russian proposal is definitely good news for most Americans who do not want to see us get involved in another war. However, the potential for war still remains, so we need to keep putting pressure on our representatives.

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