Observation of the Day: Get A Job. No. Get A Better Job. No. There Are No Jobs.

Have you noticed the people who railed against Occupy Wall Street protesters, telling them to “get a job,” are some of the same people attacking fast food strikers, telling them to “get a better job”? And then these same people also revile President Obama, saying “there aren’t enough jobs,” and that “most of the jobs created are low paying jobs.”

One thing these people have in common is that they are all conservatives, and they need a boogeyman. They aren’t satisfied unless they are blaming people for things that are beyond their control. Because of course there is no logic here, it’s simply a matter of narrative convenience. You can’t protest Obama’s economy, say it isn’t creating enough high paying jobs, then tell OWS protesters or fast food strikers to “get a job,” or “get a better job.” It’s inane. It’s nonsensical. It’s illogical — It’s conservative.

end-wage-theft-fast-food-strike - photo by Wisconsin Jobs Now

photo by Wisconsin Jobs Now


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