IRS ‘Line Dancing’ Means We Can’t Have Universal Health Care

It really is silly season in the world of political coverage. Fox News has found it’s smoking gun…or guns. Benghazi, IRS, DOJ, you name it. Fox News and conservative media aren’t interested in actual wrong-doing, they have found their smoking gun, even if they can’t exactly name it.

So now we find out about an IRS “line dancing” video that was provided to congress as part of their witch hunt, I mean, inquiry into improper targeting of Tea Party groups seeking tax exempt status. But I believe this story is another example of holding “others” to a higher standard. If you worked at a private company and they sent you away for a seminar that was meant to recharge the batteries and promote team building, you probably wouldn’t question whether it was a good use of money. But when it’s a government agency, and tax payer dollars, well then we hold people to a higher standard.

Internal Revenue Service - photo by Ray Tsang

I don’t know the details behind this video, but it’s clear to me that the people condemning the IRS are also similarly unaware of the details. For them this video is all about narrative fulfilling. Government is bad. Government is corrupt. Government is wasteful. And because of that, we can’t have universal health care. We can’t pass laws to protect minorities. We must shrink government and privatize everything. Because surely human beings are not corrupt outside of government.

photo by Ray Tsang


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