Republicans Are Cowards On Taxes

You gotta love MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell. On The Last Word, he called out Republican cowardice on taxes during the Rewrite segment. The crux of the presentation focused on one simple fact — Democrats are responsible when it comes to taxation and Republicans bank on it.

Lawrence O'DonnellLawrence O’Donnell — As the standoff over the looming sequester shows, once again, the enablers of Republican tax policy are Democrats. Without Democrats, Republicans could not maintain their rabidly anti-tax position. The way it works now is, Republicans get to oppose every tax increase of every kind all the time, not because they think the government should have no tax revenue, but because they think it’s not their job to provide tax revenue for the government. Republicans believe that’s why God created Democrats — to raise taxes. And Democrats readily fall into the trap of providing tax revenue for the government, not because Democrats are weak, but because Democrats are responsible when it comes to taxation. And Republicans know they can rely on Democrats being responsible. Republicans know they never have to raise money to pay their bills. They know Democrats will do that.

Need some examples?

— Bush tax cuts, not once, but twice, which are largely responsible for the massive deficits in the last decade — not paid for.

— Two wars — not paid for.

— Medicare Part D (prescription drug benefit) — not paid for.

Republicans are cowards on taxes.

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