The Most Intrusive Government Of All

Goldwater for President - Barry Goldwater - photo by Cliffords PhotographyConservatives are for big government. Yes, you read that correctly. There is, however, a caveat. Conservatives are about keeping government out of their lives while simultaneously advocating more government intrusion into the lives of others. Conservatives are much more concerned with how government affects them than they are about how government affects you.

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GOP Disdain for Americans Who Don’t Pay Income Taxes

There is a growing chorus of Republicans singing the same tune about a recent report that 46% of Americans pay no federal incomes taxes. The voices include Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman and Rick Perry to name the most prominent. I posit that the reason they point to this statistic is to offer further proof towards a longstanding conservative narrative that there are people in this country getting a free ride. That these people are the freeloaders that are taking advantage of the “productive class” in this country.

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I’m a Socialist and So Are You

Did you hear? President Obama wants the Bush tax cuts to expire – only on the top tax bracket – therefore he is a socialist. Or let’s try another one… They are saying Obama is a socialist because he wants everyone in this country to have access to healthcare. Actually “they” are right about that second one. That is a socialist idea and I fully embrace it. This must mean I’m a socialist too, at least when it comes to the topic of healthcare. I will show I’m also a socialist in many other areas and you likely are as well.

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