Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting: America is NOT shocked

Every time one of these mass-shooting, mass-murder events happens in the United States we see headlines like “Americans in shock,” and descriptive words like horror and terror, but do you see a problem here? Did you notice that I started this article by saying “every time,” which indicates this is not a rare event. The fact is, while overall crime statistics are at 20 (even 30) year lows in many categories (including murder) we still have mass-shooting events occurring with regular frequency. Each one of us has essentially come to expect that these mass-shooting events are going to happen regularly. So is there anything shocking about it?

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Spitzer Sums Up Romney Campaign Strategy: Lie About Obama

Mitt Romney was speaking at the NRA today and said, “This administration’s attack on freedom extends even to rights explicitly guaranteed by the constitution: the right to bear arms is so plainly stated, so unambiguous, that liberals have a hard time challenging it directly. Instead they have been employing every imaginable rouse and ploy to restrict it, and to defeat it.” Funny, last time I checked the Obama administration has done nothing when it comes to stricter gun laws. Nothing.

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