Romney’s Bain excuses play into his disconnect with Americans

The Romney campaign, Fox news pundit, and campaign surrogate excuses for why Mitt Romney’s name still appeared on SEC filings after he says he left Bain Capital just plays into the disconnect the average American has with Mitt Romney. We hear these excuses and we are reminded of all the wealthy elites gaming the system in the run-up to the financial disaster which resulted in the Great Recession.

No, I’m not saying Romney is directly responsible for the bad economy, but he is friends with the people who are responsible, and he advocates the policies which helped these friends game the system and crash the economy.

Romney’s “Technical and Legal” Trap
PULSE NEWS | JULY 16, 2012

One of the many traps for Mitt Romney in the controversy over when he left Bain is the way his campaign and supporters have defended him with an asser Read more


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