All the Republicans in the room scream "it’s the job killing regulations!"

A Reddit user asks the following question about Republicans, the government, and job creation:

“If republicans think government can’t create jobs, why are they so upset with the president that the recent jobs reports are weaker than expected? Shouldn’t they be angry with the “job creating” corporations?”

I’ve often pondered this as well. If Republicans think government is not the solution, but instead the problem, then why do they think they can get into office and improve the economy and create jobs? Isn’t this a contradiction? Ah, but all the Republicans in the room scream: “it’s the job killing regulations!” So the Republican logic on how to fix the economy and create jobs is to get rid of the “job killing regulations” (oh, and don’t forget to lower taxes for millionaires and billionaires) and suddenly businesses will be free to create millions of jobs. I’m not sure if they actually believe that or if they simply want YOU to believe that but yes, this is coming from grown adults, some who are in important and powerful government positions, and one (Mitt Romney) who would like to be in the most important government position, president.

Does anyone think that after the worst recession since the Great Depression (created almost entirely from too little financial regulation), that we should further relax regulations? That seems reckless to me. It’s also reckless to suggest government’s only role in improving the economy is to lower taxes and get out of the way.

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