Insomniac Edition: Tracy Bonham – Mother Mother

LC Insomniac Edition is a late-night series on The Left Call, intended as a break from political drama.

Tracy Bonham – Mother Mother (1996)

In posting this music video I learned there is an alternate video for this song. According to Wikipedia, the above version was for MTV and the alternate version below for VH1.

Wikipedia – Mother Mother (song):

One video, directed by Jake Scott, was shot for MTV featuring an older woman (Bonham’s real life mother) turning on the television on which Tracy’s image is singing as the woman proceeds to clean the room. The backing band is seen as well playing in an adjoining dining room. The video had a disjointed quality about it and was perfect for the tone of MTV at the time, which was still playing alternative rock at the time.

A second video was shot for more family-friendly VH-1 in which the entire band including Bonham are in a large clothes closet as she sings into a mirror and then quick shots of her are shown playfully trying on different kinds of women’s clothes. This version visually alters the message and almost defuses the tone of the song.

Insomniac Edition

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