Money Is NOT Speech: Overturning Citizens United

Every system has rules, it's the bargain we make for a civil society. We the People need to see to it that these rules make sense for the people, all of the people. And we get to do that by engaging on the issues, with each passing election, and redefining the terms with our growing wisdom with each passing year, as humanity evolves. So the bastardization of the idea of free speech by equating money equal to speech is something We the People can push back against. We must not accept the terms as dictated by the powerful few. Yes, those powerful few have a right to free speech, but they do not have a right to more speech than you or I. By equating money equal to speech, that is exactly what the Supreme Court's "Citizens United" ruling has done. And that's why it is wrong. There is a constitutional amendment now in debate in the Senate that attempts to overturn two recent Supreme Court rulings on campaign finance (most notably the "Citizens United" ruling). Those who attempt to frame this effort as the limiting of speech by government bureaucrats are offering, at a minimum, their tacit support of the notion that people with greater money have greater speech.


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