Ferguson And The Event That Changed Everything

9/11 changed everything. – That is the refrain we heard over and over in the years after that tragic, but singular event. Why people felt the need to use that phrase escapes me now, but I think at the time I subscribed to that thought process. My cerebrum has since awoken, but many others have not quite let go. What exactly changed? The threat that existed pre-9/11 was always there, so in many ways what changed was our awareness. But what also changed is our fear-fueled response. It turns out 9/11 changed everything because we allowed it to. And if there was ever a time when “the terrorist won” rhetoric should apply, this would be it. How does this relate to the events in Ferguson, Missouri? Because we believe 9/11 changed everything, we decided militarization of our police forces was an acceptable curtailment of our civil liberties. And we our witnessing that abridgment of rights at this moment in Ferguson.


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