Tyranny Of Self-Interested Wealth

If you are not a card-carrying member of the wealthy elite, and if you see yourself as middle class, or even if you are honest enough to admit you might not quite be middle class, and there’s nothing wrong with that, I have a simple message for you. —

It’s acceptable to ignore the drivel that passes for economic advice on cable news and talk radio, particularly the right-wing variety. You do not have to acquiesce to the advice of wealthy elites telling you that we should not raise the minimum wage because it will result in job losses. You do not have to recognize or affirm a campaign by a billionaire to abolish the minimum wage. You do not have to acknowledge bullshit mountain, except to confirm its existence, and the masses should neither accommodate the narrow perspective of special interests, nor conform to the advocacy of wealthy assholes, protecting wealthy assholes.

Nowhere is it written that we must tolerate the tyranny of self-interested wealth.

We should not tolerate government or the economy being held hostage until we meet the demands of a small elite group of lucky individuals — usually no more qualified on these issues than you or I. We are the reason there is an economy. The U.S. economy is consumer-driven. Without the consumer, there is no economy. So let’s try this for a change. — THEY will meet OUR demands…


  • We will have universal health care.
  • We will spend the money required to upgrade our infrastructure to meet the demands of this century.
  • We will increase the minimum wage, and then tie it to inflation.
  • We will build a world-class public education system for our children and our children’s children.
  • We will protect the poor, the disenfranchised, the disadvantaged in society, and we will not assume the worst of them or demonize them for their misfortune.
  • We will welcome immigrants from all backgrounds, races, religions, and we will not tolerate bigotry, because immigration is what built this country.
  • We will no longer accept a two-tier justice system where wealth buys less accountability.

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