Progress In Lower Manhattan – 9/11 at Ten

There are countless 10th anniversary remembrances in the form of stories, recounts, songs and poems. I lack an eloquent speech or a compelling recount so instead I offer you five photos that I took of ground zero in New York City just a little over a year ago in August 2010. The photos on their own are nothing remarkable but when contrasted against recent images of the progress at ground zero they are compelling. I’ve provided a few links below offering photos of what ground zero looks like today.

For a while it seemed like progress was almost non-existent. Just a year ago it was mostly construction equipment, pipes and concrete with One World Trade only rising about 30 floors and still just a skeleton. Today ground zero is still under construction but it’s quickly shaping into a peaceful oasis in the middle of busy and hectic lower Manhattan.

A few links with more photos showing progress at ground zero in New York:

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